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LAYEN i-DOCK - Multi-Pair / Dual Pair

Posted by The LAYEN Team on 5/6/2018 to Bluetooth

What is it? And how does it work?

OK – so I understanding pairing, that’s connecting my device (iPhone, Tablet, Laptop etc.) to my LAYEN Receiver, (which is on / plugged in my stereo). Once connected - hey presto – Bluetooth!  But....

Instructions: LAYEN AudioStream Bluetooth Receiver

Posted by The LAYEN Team on 2/10/2016 to Bluetooth

The LAYEN AudioStream is a Bluetooth Music Receiver that will turn your stereo, speaker or docking station Bluetooth. Use it to stream and enjoy your music without the constraints of wires or having to leave you phone docked. With a built-in battery, the AudioStream can be used for approx. 12 hours when fully charged.

Instructions: LAYEN BT AUX Bluetooth Receiver

Posted by The LAYEN Team on 2/8/2016 to Bluetooth

The LAYEN BT AUX will turn your docking station, stereo or speakers Bluetooth allowing you to stream music from your Bluetooth enabled device, e.g. Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop.  Unlike 30pin receivers the BT AUX does not have any compatibility issues so should work with any dock, stereo system (in the car or home) or speakers that have an AUX connection (3.5mm headphone jack). 

Instructions: LAYEN BeFit T3 Fitness Activity Tracker

Posted by The LAYEN Team on 2/6/2016 to Bluetooth
Are you ready to improve your health and get fit with the LAYEN BeFit T3? Not only can you use this activity band to track your daily steps and monitor your sleep, but you can also use it as a watch, Bluetooth camera shutter and a notification device for text and calls. It will even show the caller ID!

Bluetooth Receivers & Latops / PC's Troubleshooting

Posted by The LAYEN Team on 1/20/2016 to Bluetooth
Because all laptops are set up completely differently, customers do sometimes experience issues with connecting or trying to enable the Bluetooth function (writing this now I myself had a similar initial problem using a brand spanking new Dell Inspiron - the 'Special Edition Multi-Media' model which should have had no issues!). Each laptop is different, but there are number of things you can do.

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 LAYEN i-DOCK - Multi-Pair / Dual Pair
 Instructions: LAYEN AudioStream Bluetooth Receiver
 Instructions: LAYEN BT AUX Bluetooth Receiver
 Instructions: LAYEN BeFit T3 Fitness Activity Tracker
 Bluetooth Receivers & Latops / PC's Troubleshooting

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