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Improve your health and get fit with the LAYEN SmartTrackBluetooth Activity Tracker. Use this multifunctional wristband as a watch, a pedometer and a sleep monitor.
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Whether you are looking to lose weight, train or simply live a healthier lifestyle, This activity tracker is about to become your best friend. Once you’ve used it, you’ll be lost without it.  

Activity Tracker & Sleep Monitor

Counting steps will quickly become both addictive and rewarding. Not only will it count your steps, but it will also track distance travelled and calories burned. Wear it at night to monitor your sleep pattern, helping you to learn to sleep better. Use the silent vibrating alarm as a gentle wake up call for the morning.

With the LED screen you will be able to check your progress throughout the day directly on the wristband, at the touch of a button.

Data Recording & Synchronisation

Set your goals and targets in the APP. The wristband will record your data throughout the day, even when your phone (or other Bluetooth device) is out of range, it will continue to count your steps – just don’t’ forget to re-pair and Sync. You need to sync to the APP at least once every 24 hours to save all recorded data to the APP.

Clock, Call / Text Notification and More..

Use as an everyday watch, press the button to view the time. Activate the push notification function to be alerted every time somebody calls, texts or messages via a social media platform. You can even use the device to remind you to drink or move around at regular intervals.

Get ready to welcome a new and healthier you!


  • Requires use with a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or other device (tablet / iPod etc) to use all features / functions and record and save data. Check Compatibility below.
  • Compatibility: this wristband can only support the following selected mobile devices: IOS must be IOS7.0 or above, Bluetooth 4.0; Such as: iPhone 4S, 5, 6,6 plus, iPod touch5,etc. Android must be Android4.3 or above, Bluetooth 4.0; Such as: Samsung S4, Note3, etc.

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