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Improve your health and get fit with the LAYEN BeFit Bluetooth Activity Tracker. Use this multifunctional wristband as a watch, a pedometer and a sleep monitor.
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Compatibility: Please check below to ensure your device is compatible before purchase.

Improve your health and get fit with an Activity Tracker. LAYEN's smart wristbands don't just count steps, calories and distance but they will also monitor your sleep and sleep quality. With the LED display you can also use it as a watch as well as monitoring your progress throughout the day.

Unlike other models available, you can sync LAYEN's fitness trackers to your smartphone / Bluetooth device to use as a Bluetooth camera shutter as well as using it for call or text notifications. You will even see the caller ID on the LED display.

  • Activity Tracker. Use the app to set daily targets & the wristband will track steps; calories burned; distance per hour & overall distance per day. Use the sedentary alarm to remind yourself to move about.
  • Sleep Quality Monitor - Monitor how well you sleep throughout the night; broken down between deep and light sleep as well as total hours slept. Silent vibrating alarm for morning.
  • Record & Sync Stats - Real time sync & tracking on your smartphone or Bluetooth device. The free App is easy to use and will let you monitor progress at any time. The wristband stores up to 7 days' worth of data. The App will store this and historic data.
  • LED Display & Clock - Use as a watch and to check real time progress throughout the day. Switch to view steps, calories and distance.
  • Caller ID & Notification - Call and message notification. If activated the wristband will vibrate when you receive a call or text and it will show the caller ID
  • Camera Remote Shutter - Better than any selfie stick out there! Use your wristband to take a photo remotely from your phone.

Compatibility. Please note that as with most Bluetooth Wristbands, this product can only support the following models. IOS must be IOS 7.0 or above. Bluetooth must be Bluetooth 4.0 and above such as iPhone 4S, 5, 6, 6 Plus, iPod touch5 etc. Andriod must be Android 4.3 or above Samsung S4, Note 3 etc.

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