Because all laptops are set up completely differently, customers do sometimes experience issues with connecting or trying to enable the Bluetooth function (writing this now I myself had a similar initial problem using a brand spanking new Dell Inspiron - the 'Special Edition Multi-Media' model which should have had no issues!). 

Each laptop is different, but there are number of things you can do:
  • Firstly check your Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Second is to check your laptop has found the receiver.
  • Third is to actually pair with it - you may have found the device in your Bluetooth list but have you actually paired?
  • Some other points of advice: try clearing your Bluetooth list, and turning the Bluetooth on and off; make sure you are not too far away when initially pairing; and lastly go to windows troubleshooting to assess the issue.
  • Most times Windows will automatically solve the issue, occasionally you will need to download new drivers which will fix the issue and have you up and running.
  • Another thing to try is switching the Wi-Fi on and off then trying to reconnect to the Bluetooth receiver.
Note: if it is your laptop Bluetooth function that won't work or if you have an old model or have tried and failed before, then simply purchase the LAYEN BST (Bluetooth Transmitter) which can be connected to your laptop and will enable it to transmit a Bluetooth Signal to the receiver (in the dock) and then you will be able to pair the devices.