1. CSB Listening Device

CSB Listening Device

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Hidden Audio Surveillance Listening Device. SIM Activated - Tiny and Discreet Room Bug With Crystal Clear Sound, Voice Activation & SOS Features
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If you're looking for the truth and need a discreet surveillance tool to help - the LAYEN spy bug is the answer! This neat little device is just smaller than a match box, making it the smallest and most discreet listening device on the market!
It works with a SIM card, so distance isn't an issue - simply call the number on the SIM from anywhere in the world to listen in. It can even be set to Voice Activation, so that the device calls you when required.

**Must use a 1800mhz SIM card**

Which SIM? We recommend using Vodafone. You can order a free PAYG Standard size SIM card direct from their website. This is the best SIM card to use with the LAYEN CSB.

  • Tiny device - Just smaller than a matchbox. Very discreet.
  • Easy to use & set up - Insert a SIM card, dial and listen....
  • Ultra clear sound - Don't miss a word!
  • Long standby duration & long distance capability
  • Works in UK, Europe & America

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