If you have an old Bose Docking station and are trying to work out which Bluetooth receiver you need to buy - please read this post before purchasing.  Even if you are sure you have a Bose Series 1, there are actually two generations of the Bose 1; both of which work off a different charge output and both require a different receiver.
This post is for Bose Docking Stations with a 30pin connection only

Which version Bose Series 1 do I have?

Can your Bose dock charge an iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S / iPod Touch2 or an iPod Nano4?
NO.  If it can't then you definitely have an original Bose Series 1 docking station and you need to either purchase the BS-1 or BS-2
The difference between these two Bluetooth solutions is that the BS1 is an all-in-one receiver, designed specifically for the Bose Series 1 which runs off an older charge output.  It will not work on newer Bose docking stations.
The BS-2 is a two part solution, which comes with a receiver and a charge adapter.  The receiver sits on top of the charge adapter, which is connected to the 30pin connection on the dock.  These need to be used together to stream music.  However, if you also want to charge your iPhone when docked, you can use the charge adapter on its' own and sit the iPhone on top of it.
YES.  If your dock can charge the iPhone 3GS / 4 / 4S /Touch2 or Nano4 the BS-1 or BS-2 will not work with your dock. They will not power up and the lights won't flash, because your dock is running off the newer charge output. 

You will therefore need to purchase the i-DOCK or the i-SYNC for your Bose Docking Station.

I don't have an iPhone or iPod (listed above) to test on my dock, what should I do?

We recommend purchasing either the BS-1 or the I-DOCK to test and try. If the receiver that you purchase does not power up and the lights don't come on, then you will simply have to return it to us to exchange for the alternative receiver. 

I've purchased the wrong receiver for my Bose Series 1

Don't worry, we have a very simply returns process.  Simply return the receiver that does not work back to us - in its' original re-saleable condition and undamaged packaging, for a refund.

Please include your original invoice / packing slip with all the relevant order and contact details.

Returns address: LAYEN Returns, Suite 2, Sandhurst House, 297 Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 0QA.

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