If you have a non-Bluetooth iPod and want to use it to stream music wirelessly to your Bluetooth speakers, dock or headphones - you will need a Bluetooth transmitter to do so. The Bluetooth transmitter will turn your iPod Bluetooth, allowing it to stream your music.

We have several Bluetooth Transmitters available. These are the two most popular for turning iPods Bluetooth:

  1. The LAYEN iPod 30 Pin Bluetooth Transmitter
  2. The LAYEN BST Aux Bluetooth Transmitter

LAYEN iPod Bluetooth Transmitter

As suggested above, the LAYEN iPod Bluetooth Transmitter is a 30pin transmitter which connects neatly to the bottom of your iPod. It will automatically give your iPod Bluetooth capability. It is powered directly from the iPod so it does not need to be charged. It does have some compatibility issues, see below:

  • Compatible with: iPod Classic (Please note: it will only work with the newer version Classics and not the older generations), iPod Touch (1st-4th gen), iPod Nano (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and latest 6th gen iPod Nano), iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone (1st gen). If your device is not compatible, please see LAYEN BST below.

It's easy to use, with simple plug and play capabilities and will send crisp clear stereo audio up to 10M away. The Bluetooth iPod adapter works best when the device you are pairing it to has a button to sync with the device. If there is no pairing button, simply allow longer for the devices to pair.


The LAYEN BST is a Bluetooth Transmitter which will enable almost any device with an AUX connection to stream music wirelessly using Bluetooth technology. It can be used for iPods that are incompatible with the iPod Bluetooth Transmitter as well as many other devices such as Laptops, TVs, PCs, Non-Bluetooth phones and MP3 Players. 
Simply connect the BST via the AUX input to your non-Bluetooth iPod to transmit a Bluetooth signal. The BST comes with a pairing button, which you will need to hold down to send the signal. The BST will not draw power from your iPod, so your iPod will last longer when playing music. But this does mean that the BST will need to be charged separately - although only for 2 hours for a 10 hour playback.

If you choose to try out the 30Pin Bluetooth Transmitter first, but find that it is incompatible don't worry - you can easily return the item for a refund and purchase the LAYEN BST separately.

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