If you have purchased a receiver for your Bose dock, which doesn’t power up, it is the incorrect device for your dock.  The BS-1 has been uniquely designed to work for the Bose Series 1 SoundDock. It will only work with this dock and will not work with later models. 

If you have purchased the BS-1 but have in fact got a later version (sometimes it’s difficult to tell) it won’t power up – you will need to return it for a refund and instead purchase either the i-SYNC or i-DOCK.  The i-SYNC and i-DOCK work with all Bose docks other than the Original Bose 1. 

The returns process is simple and hassle free. 

Please return the item back to us so that you can be refunded. You can then purchase the desired alternative separately.

Our return address is LAYEN Suite 2, Sandhurst House, 297 Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 0QA. For minimal return postage cost, items can be sent a large letter (1st or 2nd class) but please obtain proof of postage from the post office, if you are not sending recorded delivery in case an item goes missing.

Please include all relevant paperwork with your item. We will need a copy of the invoice / order information so that we can locate you on the system – as well as your contact name and number. Please also make a note on your paperwork confirming that a refund is required as it’s the incorrect receiver for your dock.  

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