LAYEN MP3 Voice Recorder / Dictaphone


Your new MP3 acts as a Dictaphone and an MP3 player.   You can record and listen directly from the device itself or play your chosen music.  You can also download and save or listen to your files on a computer.  Please follow the instructions below. 

Instructions: Using your Dictaphone / MP3 Player

  1. Charge your Dictaphone / MP3 player by inserting into a USB slot (or plug).  Please make sure the “+/-“ button is facing upwards. A red light will indicate charging.  When the red light turns off, the device is fully charged.

  2. Switch the button on top of the MP3 to ‘ON’ to start recording (earphones must be out).  You will see a light come on by the volume controls (- / +) then flash three times.  After the three flashes the MP3 is recording.  Note: you can’t record whilst the earphones are plugged in. 

  3. Switch the button to the ‘OFF’ to stop recording.

  4. To play your recording on the device, insert earphones and use the “+/-“ button to switch between tracks and recordings.

  5. To turn the volume up and down, hold the “+” or “–“ for a few seconds, until you reach the required volume. 

  6. When inserting the MP3 into your PC/ Laptop please make sure the volume buttons are facing upwards.   You can now drag and drop the relevant files on the MP3 player. 

  7. If a drive doesn’t automatically appear when the device is inserted, access via ‘My Computer’.  Your recordings will be saved under a new folder ‘Recordings’. 

  8. There will already be a couple of songs on your MP3 Player – these are saved when the products are tested. You can delete these by accessing the files on your computer.


  • Dictaphone / MP3 won’t charge. If no lights are showing when you plug the device into your computer it may be inserted the wrong way.  Please make sure that the “+/-“ button is facing upwards. A red light will indicate charging. 
  • If you are still having issues, please make sure that the computer or PC is not in sleep mode – this may prevent giving the device a full charge.
  • Voice recording function is not working.  Please make sure that you have removed the earphones from the device otherwise it is in playback mode.
  • Can’t access files on the computer.  Please make sure that device is inserted the correct way with the “+/-“ button is facing upwards. The computer will recognised the device and a folder should automatically appear with the recordings and files. If It doesn’t, please locate the drive under My Computer.

Light indicators
  • When recording, the light will flash three times and turn off to show its recording

  • During charging the light will always be on

  • After the MP3 is fully charged the light will turn off