You have your LAYEN BeFit already, so here's all the information you need to getting set up and overcoming any issues that you might encounter. Please scroll down for instructions, troubleshooting and returns. 

Use the LAYEN BeFit activity band to track your daily steps and monitor your sleep, but you can also use it as a watch, Bluetooth camera shutter and a notification device for text and calls. It will even show the caller ID! Sync to the APP to record your daily and weekly stats, set your targets, set morning alarms and mover alerts (to remind you to get up and move around). The wristband's LED display allows you to track your progress throughout the day without having to constantly access the APP on your phone.

Quick Start

Charge Wristband.  Remove the Fitness Tracker USB device drive from the wristband and insert into a USB power source; a computer or USB plug, for 2 hours before first use. The battery icon will show you when the battery is full.

Install APP, you can either scan the barcode on the instruction manual or download from the APP store or Play Store.

Account Set-up. Log into the APP if you have an account, otherwise register for a new one.

Turn On. When fully charged, reconnect the device to the wristband and turn it on using the enter key. The device will vibrate and the LED display will light up.  

Pairing. Make sure that Bluetooth and WIFI functions on your phone are both "ON".

From the general settings page in the APP choose [Device Connection]. Hold down the enter key on the wristband until it has vibrated 3 times, to enter pairing mode. A 4 digit code will be shown. Make sure that the LED screen is constantly showing on the wristband during pairing. If it goes out please tap the enter key to keep it lit. Keep the wristband and phone close to each other during pairing.

On the APP tap [Searching device] to show available Bluetooth devices. Select your wristband from the device list, and wait for 1-2 seconds. Unless you have previously used another device, there should only be one showing on the list. The wristband's identity will follow a similar name format to that shown below and will include the 4 digit code. When you receive you will receive a pairing request from the APP to connect “please select to Pair" to connect the phone and wristband.

Android device will pop up [Device pair request]. Choose confirm and finish pairing.  IOS device will pop up [Pair Device Success] [Bluetooth Pairing Request]. Click 'pair' and finish paring. If the pop-up does not appear within 1 minute, please repeat the above steps.



Track Steps. The Befit T1 will start tracking activity as soon as it has been charged and turned on. Please also connect to the APP. To check activity press the enter key (triangle button) which will show the stats and switch the display between steps, calories burned and distance travelled.

Sleep Monitor. To set the wristband to Sleep Mode, hold down the enter key until the wristband vibrates twice. The sleep icon will now be shown on the screen. To exit sleep mode, hold down the enter key until the wristband has vibrated twice and it will revert to sports mode.

Change Display. To change the display on the wristband simply press the enter key.

Alarm Clock. To set your morning alarm, open the APP and using the left menu on the home screen click [Device Setting]. If you are already in Sports or Sleep mode, click the menu icon in the top left of the screen and this will show the menu options on the left. From [Device Setting] click [Alarm Setting] and choose times and days for your alarm to be set.  You can set more than one Alarm, so you can set different times for weekdays and weekends.

Move Alert. Also known as a sedentary reminder, this can be set to remind you to get up and move about. To set your move alert, open the APP and using the left menu on the home screen click [Device Setting]. If you are already in Sports or Sleep mode, click the menu icon in the top left of the screen and this will show the menu options on the left. From [Device Setting] click [Sedentary Reminder] and choose the time period and the days you want to enable it for. 

Message Push / Call Notification. If you want to set up your wristband to notify you when people call or text, open the APP and using the left menu on the home screen click [Push Reminder]. Enable Phone Call and Message. Currently the social media alerts will not work on this device at this time.  Your wristband will now vibrate every time you receive a call or text and will also show you the caller ID on the display.

Sync Data. The BeFit T1 will SYNC data automatically once it has connected to your phone via the APP .  Your stats will be shown in real time. SYNC data includes steps, calories and distance. First SYNC takes 1-2 minutes. SYNC data can also be done manually by refreshing the â€Å“Connectedâ€Â button on the Sports Mode Screen.

Shutdown. If you want to shut down or restart the wristband, hold down the enter key until the wristband has vibrated 3 times. It will then turn itself off.  



Q: The wristband / tracker won't turn on. 
A: If the tracker doesn't turn on at all, it is likely that the battery is completely depleted. Please recharge.

Q: The time display is incorrect it's not showing the right time.  
A: Connect the wristband and the APP.  The time on the wristband will automatically be adjusted to the same as that on your phone.

Q: How do I restart my wristband? Follow these steps if you are having problems syncing, not responding to movement, not lighting up or tracking steps - follow the Wristband Reset:
A: Close the APP on the phone and shutdown your wristband: Swipe the screen until you reach the Sleep Mode icon. Tap twice to show the power off icon. Press down until the wristband turns off to indicate the power is off.  Turn off Bluetooth on your phone and then turn back on. Now re-open the APP and turn your wristband back on. This should sort out any issues.

Q: How long do I need to charge the wristband for? How long will it last? 
A: The wristband needs to be charged for 1 hour. This will last approx. 3-4 days. The best time to charge it is when you are sat still perhaps at a desk or watch TV. Any time that you are not walking around and wanting to count your steps. 

Q: How many days data will the wristband / APP save?   
A: The wristband will only show the current days data and will automatically reset at midnight.  It will save a total of 7 days (which you will not be able to see) in the actual wristband so you need to make sure you SYNC at least once every 7 days to save the data on the APP on the phone. The APP will save all historic data, so long as you keep SYNCING.

Q: When connected to the App, the data SYNC has completed but the wristband time display is still incorrect. 
A: Restart the wristband and re-try the data SYNC.

Q: Why is my wristband not displaying caller ID?

A: Android: After connecting the wristband with the APP, please allow the APP to access calls, SMS, contacts and keep it running in background. If there is security software on your phone, make sure that the security settings trust and allow the APP to access your phone data.

A: IOS: If no call ID display, please restart your mobile and connect the wristband again. Once connected, please wait until the phone pops up Bluetooth pairing request and click pair. The caller ID display function will be activated.

Q: The wristband icon shows the Bluetooth is connected, but the APP cannot SYNC data?
A: Generally this is caused by the phone;s Bluetooth. Please exit the APP. Then restart Bluetooth and repair. If the above step does not work, please restart your phone and try again.

Q: My wristband loses connection with my phone frequently.
A: Please check if your phone or other security software has set the APP up as a trusted APP. If not this will cause connection issues. Please set it up as a Trusted App and try again.

Q: Is my wristband water-proof? 
A: The wristband is just water resistant (PI55). Please don't wear it when in the shower or when swimming!

Q: What is a silent alarm?  
A: The silent alarm uses vibration to gently awake or alert you at the time specified.

Q: How does my wristband track steps?
A: The wristband uses a 3-axis accelerometer to understand your motions. By analyzing acceleration data, our trackers provide detailed information about frequency, duration, intensity and patterns of movement to determine your steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned and sleep quality.


Unwanted Items

If you have changed your mind, you have up to 14 days to return it for a full refund.  Past this period we can offer an exchange within 28 days.

If you purchased via Amazon please return to Amazon (go to order history and request a return). If you purchased via the website or eBay please return directly to us so that we can refund you. Our return address is LAYEN Suite 2, Sandhurst House, 297 Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 0QA. For minimal return postage cost, please send as a large letter and obtain proof of postage from the post office.

Please make sure that you include all the relevant paperwork with your item. In particular we need a copy of the invoice / order information so that we can locate you on the system as well as your contact name and number. Please also include a print out of any email conversation you have had with us.

Faulty Products

In the unlikely event that your product appears defective or has developed a fault and you have followed all troubleshooting tips above, please return the BeFit Fitness Tracker back to us for testing. If we find a fault we will issue a replacement immediately. If we cannot replicate the fault through the testing process, we will contact you. 

Our return address is LAYEN Suite 2, Sandhurst House, 297 Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 0QA. For minimal return postage cost, items can be sent a large letter (1st or 2nd class) but please obtain proof of postage from the post office. We can't take responsibility for the goods until they are back here with us.

Please include all relevant paperwork with your item. We will need to know where you purchased it (website / Amazon etc), your order number and your contact details. A copy of your order or invoice is ideal. Please also make a note of the issue.  If you have had any email correspondence with us, please also include a print out of this. 

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