The LAYEN i-DOCK will turn your docking station, stereo or speakers Bluetooth allowing you to stream music wirelessly from your Bluetooth enabled device, e.g. Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop. Here is all the information you need to get set up. Scroll down for Instructions, Troubleshooting, Compatibility and Returns.   


  • Turn the docking station on and connect securely to the 30pin connector.
  • The i-DOCK will make a sound and the blue light will flash on and off.
  • Enable Bluetooth on your device so it can pair to the i-DOCK. 
  • IMPORTANT: Hold the play / pause button down (on the side of the i-DOCK) while your device searches for it. i-DOCK will then appear on your device, select it to pair.  
  • Keep the i-DOCK and your Bluetooth device close together whilst you are trying to pair (no more than 1m apart from each other). Once paired you can use them up to 10m apart.
  • If prompted for a password please enter '0000'.
  • If prompted by your device to manually connect, select yes.
  • Successful pairing will be indicated by a sound and the blue LED light will stay constant blue.
  • Pairing time is quick, but please allow up to 1 minute. Again this might vary according to which device is being used.
  • You are now ready to stream your music wirelessly. Please make sure that the volume is up on the both your device and the docking station.


Disconnected.  If you go beyond the 10m radius the i-DOCK will automatically reconnect when your device is back in range. The i-DOCK will remember your device so you will only need to connect once (but you will need to leave your Bluetooth on).

No Power.  If the receiver doesn't power up / the lights don't flash, please make sure your dock is connected at the mains and not running from a battery. Test that power is getting through to the i-DOCK by connecting it to a 30pin iPhone / iPod charge cable. If the lights come on, but still won’t power up on your dock it is likely to be incompatible and you will need to return it to us (please scroll down to find out how)

Can’t Pair.  If you are having trouble pairing please make sure you have held down the pairing button on the side long enough for the i-DOCK to appear under Bluetooth devices on your phone (or other device) then select to pair.  Please make sure the i-DOCK and your device are no more than 1m apart during pairing.

If you are still having problems pairing, please do a Bluetooth reset. Forget all Bluetooth devices; turn Bluetooth off and then on again. Turn the dock and phone (or other device) off and then back on again. Now re-start the process. If you have any other Bluetooth devices that have been or are trying to connect to the i-DOCK please turn off Bluetooth on these devices and delete them from your pairing list (“forget device”) as they could be causing initial confusion.

Pairing to Another Device.  You shouldn’t get any issues pairing from one device to another as the i-DOCK can remember up to 8 devices at once. However, if you do experience this please do a simple reset. Forget the i-DOCK from both (all) devices. Turn the Bluetooth function off and then turn the devices off and on again. Now restart the pairing process on one device.

No Sound.  If you can pair, but no sound is coming out your dock or stereo may be incompatible with the i-DOCK.  First please check that the volume on both your dock and phone/ tablet are turned up; the dock is plugged into the mains; try turning the volume on the phone down and up on the dock and vice versa. If you still can’t get sound it is incompatible and you need an AUX receiver instead (your dock will need a 3.5mm AUX connection / headphone jack for this to work). Scroll down for returns procedure and recommended alternatives.

Sound Quality Issues.  If you are experiencing hissing, crackling, interference or any other sound issues please; check that the power supply socket in the docking station / sound dock has not come loose and causing an incomplete connection; take off the back-plate and re-seat it; check the receiver is connected securely. If you are still experiencing problems please return it to us for testing, if found faulty we will replace otherwise we will advise you of the options.

Can't Turn Bose Dock Off.  If you have a Bose dock that you can't turn off via the remote whilst the i-DOCK is connected, you will simply need to remove the i-DOCK. The i-DOCK works exactly as an iPhone or iPod would. You would need to do the same with these devices, because there is a constant power supply running through, so when a device is connected the dock remains in a standby mode and will stay in that mode until its' been removed. The other alternative is of course to turn it off at the mains.

Please Note: all LAYEN 30pin receivers accept analogue signal. In general most docks accept Analogue and Digital, but some (the minority) will only accept Digital. If this is the case, the receiver will power up but no audio will be received. (It will not play). In such cases we advise our AUX receivers.



Please note this is not an exclusive list, these are simply docks we have had feedback on.  If your dock is not listed here it’s because we’ve not had any feedback. Please feel free to purchase and see for yourself. You can return for refund or exchange if it's not compatible with your dock. Don’t forget to let us know.

Compatible: The i-DOCK is compatible with (but not limited to) the following docks; Altec Lansing IMT800, Altc Lansing IM7, Altec Lancing IMT 320, Altec Lansing in motion, Altec Lansing inMotion iM600, Amethyst iPig, Apple iPod Hi-fi, B&W Zeppelin (2006/7 model only), Bayan Audio 3 docking station, Bose Lifestyle System Bose Soundock, Bose Soundock II, Bose Portable Bose Lifestyle system, Bose Soundock 10, Bose Wave, Bose Wave III, Cambridge Audio iD10 iPod Doc, Gear4 Explorer, Gear4 Houseparty, Geneva Sound System Model S speaker, i want it iw900, ihome IHL20, Intempo IDS05W, iRhythms A303, iP JAMO i300speaker system dock, JBL on Time, JBL Radial, JBL Sound Stage 3, JBL sound box, Kitsound Boom dock, Klipsch iGroove 2 (not 1), KOKKIA i10s, Loewe Soundbox, Logic 3 Jive Box, Logic 3 WIP040 Prodock, Logic3 WIPO15K i-Station TTV, Logitech mm50 iPod docking speaker, Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2, Meridian i80 Dock, NuVoDock, Onkyo DS-A2, Onkyo DS-A1XP , Orbitsound T12v3, OrbitSoundBar, Philips DC315/05, Phillips DS 3000/37 Fidelio, Pure Avanti, Pure Avanti Flow, Revo Bloc, Roberts DAB 53, Roberts MP3 53, Roberts iDream, Roberts MP43 CD/DAB radio, Roberts Sound 200, Roberts Colour Stream, Ruark 2i, Sandstorm iPod Dock with DAB (S66IDAB10), SONY CMT-LX 20/40i Micro HiFi Component System, Sony ICFC1iPMK2, Sony RDP- X 50Ip, Sony SRS GU10iP, Sony TDM-iP1, Sony XDR DS121P, Sony CMT-LX 20/40i, Sony CMT-FX350i, Sony Model RDP-X 50iP iPod dock, Tesco DAB radio with a i-Pod dock, Tivoli Connector, Tivoli Audio iSongBook radio with built in iPod dock, Yamaha TSX120.

The i-DOCK works with some models of Phillips, Sony and Panasonic docks. For those it doesn’t work with we recommend an Aux receiver.

Not Compatible:  The i-DOCK is not compatible with: Arcam R Cube, B&W Zeppelin 2007 onwards (See Bluetooth Plug), B&W Zeppelin Mini (See Bluetooth Plug), BeoSound, Gear4 house party DAB, JVC On Stage, Klipsch iGroove HG iPod, Klipsch iGroove SXT, Klipsch iGroove HG model no 1007034, LG FB-163, Logitech UE Air Speaker, Logitech Pure-Fi anywhere 2, Monitor Audio i-Deck 100, Onkyo ND-S1, Panasonic SA-PM500DB, Philips ds9/10 sound dock, Pioneer XW-NAW1-K, Pure i10 DOCK, Pure i20, Pure i200, Pure Contour 100Di, Revo Heritage, Roberts Sound 100, Roberts MP43 Sound 43, Sharp GX-M10, Sony CMT-BX77DBi Micro HiFi Component System, Sony CMT-MX550I, Sony XDR-DS16iP, Sony CMT-MX750Ni,  Sony RDP XA700iP, Wadia 170i dock, Yahama TSX-140, Yamaha ISX-800, Yamaha MCR-040, Yamaha TSX 130, Yamaha tsx120 , Yamaha ISX-800.

For these docks please purchase an AUX receiver.  Our top selling AUX receivers are the Bluetooth Plug and the AudioStream.

My Dock is Incompatible

If your dock or stereo is incompatible with the i-DOCK don’t worry, we still have a solution to turn it Bluetooth. So long as it has an AUX connection (3.5mm Jack / Audio-in) you can use any of our Aux Bluetooth Receivers.  Please return your receiver back to us for a refund and purchase one of the below,                             

The Bluetooth Receiver Plug:

It’s the best alternative to a 30pin receiver and because it’s connected via the AUX it will work with ANY docking station or stereo overcoming all incompatibility issues.   Because it is incorporated within a plug it also provides a permanent Bluetooth connection, unlike other AUX receivers which need to be re-charged via USB.

The AudioStream:

This is our latest AUX receiver, boasting Bluetooth version 4.0 and AptX.  Unlike the plug it doesn’t connect via the mains, but instead does require charging. However, unlike other rechargeable receivers, the AudioStream can play and charge at the same time.

There are other AUX receivers available – all rechargeable and can therefore be easily transferred between car and home stereos. See here for the rest of our range:



Incompatible / Unwanted Items

If your item is incompatible or you have changed your mind, you have up to 14 days to return it for a full refund.  Past this period we can offer an exchange within 28 days.

If you purchased via Amazon please return to Amazon (go to order history and request a return). If you purchased via the website or eBay please return directly to us so that we can refund you. Our return address is LAYEN Suite 2, Sandhurst House, 297 Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 0QA. For minimal return postage cost, please send as a large letter and obtain proof of postage from the post office.

Please make sure that you include all the relevant paperwork with your item. In particular we need a copy of the invoice / order information so that we can locate you on the system – as well as your contact name and number. Please also include a print out of any email conversation you have had with us.

Faulty Products

In the unlikely event that your product appears defective or has developed a fault and you have followed all troubleshooting tips above, please return the i-DOCK back to us for testing. If we find a fault we will issue a replacement immediately. If we cannot replicate the fault through the testing process, we will contact you. 

Our return address is LAYEN Suite 2, Sandhurst House, 297 Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 0QA. For minimal return postage cost, items can be sent a large letter (1st or 2nd class) but please obtain proof of postage from the post office. We can't take responsibility for the goods until they are back here with us.

Please include all relevant paperwork with your item. We will need to know where you purchased it (website / Amazon etc), your order number and your contact details. A copy of your order or invoice is ideal. Please also make a note of the issue.  If you have had any email correspondence with us, please also include a print out of this. 


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