Bose SoundDock Bluetooth Adapter - 23rd November 2015

Welcome to LAYEN UK, the place where you can buy anything you need in the way of Bluetooth accessories, products and audio devices. If you’re after a Bose SoundDock Bluetooth adapter then you can find what you’re looking for at LAYEN. This adapter allows you to transform your Bose SoundDock sound system into a device which is capable of receiving Bluetooth. With this portable adapter, you can take your phone anywhere and still listen to your music.

The freedom to stream music wirelessly is the perk of Bluetooth. For music lovers, Bluetooth is a wonderful thing. As a result of the Bluetooth wireless revolution, streaming has become one of the most popular ways to listen to music. More people are now listening to music in the form of digital downloads rather than buying CDs. Not only is this easier, but it allows you the option of streaming, and this can be done using multiple devices, from computers to tablets and smartphones.

If you want nothing but the best in the way of Bluetooth then look to LAYEN. We’re here to make sure you find what’s right for you.

Adapter To Play MP3 Wirelessly - 24th August 2015

Looking for an adapter which will allow you to play your MP3 wirelessly? MP3 adapters enable the user to play music how they like to  there are many ways to connect an MP3 player to a stereo and take advantage of the stereo's audio capabilities.

If you have a laptop, an iPhone, a tablet, or other device then you can improve your listening experience at very little cost. Trying to play music on an MP3 player can be frustrating as the speakers can be muffled or too quiet and the sound quality can be poor. But if you're looking for an adapter with which to play MP3 wirelessly then look to LAYEN UK.

Here at LAYEN UK we offer a wide selection of superior Bluetooth products, all designed to enhance your audio experience. We have some excellent prices on mark-downs, while the products we offer guarantee quality at a good price.

For all-things Bluetooth, why not choose LAYEN UK?

Buy a Bluetooth Audio Sound Adaptor Online - 17th August 2015  

Are you looking for an audio sound adapter? Do you want to be able to stream your music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device? Do you want the best in terms of audio quality? You can find what you're looking for at LAYEN UK

Here at LAYEN UK we've fully embraced the wireless world of Bluetooth. 

Everyday people are still discovering the freedom and flexibility which you get from using Bluetooth technology. If you're looking for an audio sound adapter then you can find what you're looking for at 
LAYEN UK. A Bluetooth audio adapter allows you to stream music wirelessly, this means no dragging cables and no docking your smartphone or tablet – keep your device with you! 

With the wireless technology you'll be able to enjoy flexibility without any compromise on audio quality. In our view, if you're a lover of music then you need to be a lover of Bluetooth!!

A UK-based business, LAYEN specialises in Bluetooth Audio solutions for wireless music streaming. 

We bring you the best and the most innovative products from the world of Bluetooth and wireless technology, with a comprehensive selection of products available online. 

Are you looking for your next Bluetooth product? 

How To Connect 8 Pin iPhone To BOSE Speakers - 20th July 2015

Do you want to improve your music-listening experience? Have you yet to join the Bluetooth bandwagon, and if not, why not? Are you ready to go wireless?

Here at LAYEN we want to be your first thought when you need something new that’s Bluetooth-related. We’re also here to help should you have any questions regarding Bluetooth products and how you can make them work with something you already own, such as an iPhone. With BOSE speakers, using LAYEN Bluetooth products you can pair them to your iPhone so that you can listen to music – wirelessly - wherever you so choose, whether that’s in your car, in your office, at your home or in your garden (BBQ party anyone?). Bluetooth makes things easy and flexible in that you can listen to the music you love, wirelessly, wherever you are. 

What could be better?

Bluetooth Music Receivers make up LAYEN’s core product range – it’s what we know best. If you own an iPhone then our devices will give you full control over the music you play on your iPhone.

We think you’ll agree that Bluetooth technology is the way forward.

Wireless Music Streaming Receiver - 29th June 2015

Here at LAYEN, we aim to be your first choice when you want to make your music collection wireless and stream your music via Bluetooth technology. We have a fantastic range of wireless streaming Bluetooth Receivers available to update your standard Docking Station or Stereo and enable it Bluetooth. And all for an affordable price.

One of our most popular receivers is the AudioStream, it has the latest Bluetooth 4.0 chipset and aptX technology built in meaning your music will be sent across as CD quality! It comes with a 3.5mm AUX connection, simply plug this is in your stereo’s headphone jack to make your system Bluetooth. You will then be able to send music from your Bluetooth enabled laptop, smart phone or other device to listen to on your stereo for the wireless experience! 

All the information for our products can be found on our website, but please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions. Our team will be more than happy to help and we look forward to hearing from you. 

Make LAYEN your first choice if want to buy a wireless music streaming Bluetooth Receiver!

How to Play MP3 Wirelessly - 8th June 2015

The summer is here and the party season is in full flow so now is the time to get everyone you know together to enjoy the sunshine with some great music. Hot weather and upbeat tunes go hand in hand so it is time to start making the most of your music library and begin creating memories to last a lifetime.

If you have an iPhone, laptop, tablet or other source of MP3 player you can maximise your listening experience at very little cost. We all know the frustrations of trying to play music on your MP3 player, the speakers are often too quiet and lack in quality. However, if you have a music player with an AUX/headphone jack then we can help you. Our Bluetooth Transmitter will allow you to stream your tunes to Bluetooth enabled speakers, soundbar, stereo or even your TV. Our transmitter can be purchased for under £20, a small investment for such convenience.  

Here at LAYEN we are invested in enhancing your music experience. With years of experience specialising in providing the most advanced technology you can rest assured your needs are safe in our hands. Wondering how to play MP3 wirelessly? Now you have your answer.

Adaptor to Play MP3 Wirelessly - 6th April 2015

Here at LAYEN, we can't believe it is April already! This year seems to be flying by and we are pleased to say that so far, 2015 has been an excellent one for us. We have had a number of new customers come to us for their product requirements on a daily basis and we are certainly looking forward to seeing what the rest of year has in-store.

If you have found us because you are searching online for an adaptor to play MP3 Wirelessly then you have certainly come to the right pace and we would love to help you. As you will be able to see on our website, we have a fantastic range of products available to enhance your audio experience. We are also adding new products to our ranges continually so please bookmark our website and come back to us often to see what we have new in- stock.

For more information about any of the products we sell including our adaptors, please feel free to get in touch with us today. You can do so by clicking HERE and sending us a message online. Once received, we will reply to you.

How do you Send iPod Audio? - 30th March 2015

The evolution of the iPod has been known as one of the greatest developments in MP3 history. Before the iPod, standard MP3 players were available but they certainly weren’t a worthy way of listening to your music.

Here at LAYEN we want to make your listening experience worth your time, this is one of the reasons we work so hard to provide you with some of the best technology to help you make the most of your MP3s and all of our accessories are fully compatable with your iPod.

Our accessories are easy to use and just plug into an AUX jack, our Bluetooth Transmitter conveniently transforms your iPod, laptops and computers into a music streaming device allowing you to transmit your music to your bluetooth speakers. Don’t keep your music refined to your iPod, why not blast it for the whole world to hear and let everyone experience the tunes you love so dearly. 

If you are wondering how do you send iPod audio you have come to the right place. Visit our website today where you can obtain the perfect devices on a budget. Our shop is easy to use and we offer fast and reliable delivery services.

Buy an Adaptor to Send iPod Audio - 23rd March 2015

Are you one of the thousands of people who cannot live without your iPod? For many years Apple has dominated the MP3 industry with devices that make your music sound even more amazing. With this in mind it is only normal that you will want to make the most of your music investment, to not only listen on your headphones but to be able to blast your music for all to hear. 

Here at LAYEN we work to supply the best technology for your convenience. We offer a number of devices that transmit your tunes straight to your speaks via a Bluetooth connection. Our devices simply plug into an AUX jack so are fully compatible with your iPod. You can even invest in our Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver for full 2-in-1 functionality and the transmitter mode will convert non-Bluetooth enabled speakers, laptops and TV's into those ready to fulfil your music streaming requirements. 

If you are looking to buy an adaptor to send iPod audio then look no further. Visit our website for top quality devices at reasonable prices. Our online shop is easy to use with fast and reliable delivery.

Bluetooth 4.0 Adaptor - 9th March 2015


The advancement of Bluetooth technology has taken the world by storm in recent years. Originally known for allowing people to speak on their mobile phones hands-free, Bluetooth is now used in a variety of ways making our lives easier and access to technology simple.


Here at LAYEN we pride ourselves on our Bluetooth accessories on offer and only stock the best technology on the market. One of our favourite products is our Bluetooth 4.0 Smart adaptor, this little device allows your PC or Laptop to connect to a number of other devices such as headphones, speakers, tablets and smartphones. This will offer you the convenience of being able to print wirelessly, send data and even listen to your favourite tunes.


Another very popular product is our Bluetooth 4.0 Music Stereo Adapter. This delivers audio equivalent to a wired connection and works with most stereo systems and televisions, all you need is the required connection.


If you would like more information on our Bluetooth 4.0 Adaptor or our Bluetooth 4.0 Music Stereo Adapter then visit our website today. You can order online easily using our user-friendly ordering system. We offer affordable shipping with efficient delivery on all orders.

Need to Transmit Audio via Bluetooth or Receive Audio via Bluetooth? – You need LAYEN’s 2in1 solution - the BTR-S - 23rd February 2015

Have you upgraded your Phone or Tablet and now your favourite docking station or top of the range speakers are obsolete, sitting there collecting dust? Or do you wish to stream music from your TV to your new Bluetooth headphones?

How about both?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above then the BTR-S from LAYEN is for you

Our best-selling BTR-S is the perfect solution for Receiving and Transmitting Audio via Bluetooth. Connecting via its 3.5mm jack to AUX the BTR-S works with all.

So if you want to make a non-Bluetooth device Bluetooth enabled (i.e. old iPod, TV, laptop etc.) you can use the transmit function. If you want to play music from your smartphone or tablet through a non-Bluetooth docking station or speakers, you simply switch it to receiver function! 

Another winner from LAYEN - for more information on any of the devices we have on offer contact us today, alternatively you can buy easily using our user friendly website.

Solutions for Connecting Phones to Speakers - 16th February 2015

Do you use your mobile phone as a portable music device? If so, then you won’t need us to say that whilst the speakers on most phones are fine for quiet listening they aren’t so great for when you want the music at a louder volume. However, we are pleased to say that here at LAYEN we have a number of solutions for connecting phones to speakers.

The Bluetooth receivers we have available which allow non-Bluetooth speakers to receive audio sent via a Bluetooth mobile phone have proven to be extremely popular with our customers. By coming to us you don’t have to be restricted to purchasing Bluetooth enabled speakers. For an affordable price you can have all of the convenience that Bluetooth allows whilst keeping the speakers you already own.

Please feel free to contact us by sending us a message HERE if you would like to find out more about the solutions for connecting phones to speakers that we have available. Our team will be more than happy to assist you further and we look forward to hearing from you.

You can also read our previous article: Adaptor to Send iPod Audio.

Adaptor to Send iPod Audio – 2nd February 2015


If you have had a browse through our online store, you will already know that here at LAYEN we are a lover of all things digital and audio related. Whether you are looking for Bluetooth accessories through to cables and adapters to make the most out of the iPod you own, we can confidently say that you won’t regret coming to us.


From feedback previously received, we have made sure that our online store is easy to use. All you have to do is search for the products that you wish to purchase, add them to your online basket and proceed to make the payment. Once we have received confirmation of your order our team will ensure that your products are packaged and dispatched to you quickly. We know that you will be keen to start using the products your have ordered as soon as possible.


We hope you find everything you require on our website however, if you have any questions then you can send us an online message HERE. Once received, one of our customer advisers will respond to you.

Please read our previous article: Solutions for Connecting Phone to Speakers, which we hope you find helpful.

Solutions for Connecting Phone to Speakers - 12th January 2015


Connecting your phone to speakers can sometimes be frustrating as you have to have the right wires to connect to your phone and your speakers; however wouldn’t it be better if all you had to do was click a few buttons on your phone to connect the two? There is a lot of places that sell solutions for connecting your phone to speakers but that does not mean that they all work.


Layen UK are a company who specialise in audio solutions, they sell all sorts of accessories to help you connect your phone to speakers, such as Bluetooth transmitters and receivers. They have a wide range of accessories for you to choose from and if you are unsure in what it is you need then they are more than happy to help you, as they have plenty of experience in technology and they have very good knowledge in everything they sell.


Visit their website at layen-uk to view their quality range of products for you. You will surely be surprised by some of their products, making it easier for you to listen to music. If you have any questions for them then you cant contact them through their website, and they will respond to you the same day.

Read our latest article; Find Out How To Connect Non Bluetooth Speakers to iPhone - 22nd December 2014

Find Out How To Connect Non Bluetooth Speakers to iPhone - 22nd December 2014

If you are wondering who you can connect non Bluetooth speakers to your iPhone then you would be well advised to contact the expert team at LAYEN who will have the answer to your question.

That answer is to be found on their website at:  There you will find a whole host of Bluetooth accessories including Bluetooth music receivers which will  connect your non Bluetooth speakers to your  iPhone so that you can listen to your music in any place that you choose, be it your home, car, office or any other location where you wish to stream music directly from your iPhone.

LAYEN initially specialised in Bluetooth music receivers but due to customer demand, they have expanded their range to include all the best Bluetooth accessories and audio solutions on the market today that you could wish to purchase, and all at very affordable prices.

So whether you are looking for a Bluetooth music receiver, a funky Bluetooth beanie hat or the very best specification Bluetooth Headphones visit the LAYEN website today

Bluetooth Headphones - 15th December 2014

Are you looking for a present for a friend, loved one or family member who loves to listen to music whilst out and about via their mobile phone or other device? Well if so, then you need to head over to the website of LAYEN where they have some superb deals on a wide selection of Bluetooth headphones which will make the perfect gift. Alternatively if you like to appreciate your music on the move, why not treat yourself as well as at the great prices that LAYEN offer you can’t afford not to!

LAYEN is THE web store for all things Bluetooth and they have recently expanded their range of Bluetooth headphones due to popular customer demand.  They offer a variety of styles of headphones all of which are Bluetooth compatible and will allow you to enjoy your music wire free and some will even allow you to take mobile phone calls by using the built in microphone to turn your headphones into a Bluetooth headset for hands fee calls.


To find out more about great offers on Bluetooth headphones at the LAYEN web store visit:


Bluetooth Accessories To Buy Online – 1st December 2014

Looking to buy top class Bluetooth accessories easily and simply online without the hassle of navigating the high street stores? Well if so then head over to the website of LAYEN at: LAYEN are dedicated to all things Bluetooth and they bring the very finest selection of Bluetooth accessories for their valued customers to buy online at their secure and trusted web site.p>

Visit the LAYEN website and you can choose from a whole host of Bluetooth accessories including Bluetooth transmitter and receivers, Bluetooth 4.0 music stereo adapter, Bluetooth aux headset, Bluetooth Beanies,Bluetooth headphones and many more all ta very competitive prices. You can read reviews of these products by fellow LAYEN customers and full specifications and details of these products so that you can ensure that you have chosen the right Bluetooth accessory for your requirements.

LAYEN have a wealth of knowledge about all things Bluetooth and are happy to assist and advise if you have a query on any of their products. They provide excellent customer care and service and useful tips in their LAYEN Bluetooth Guide. To find out more visit the website of LAYEN or for any enquiries please contact the team by filling in the contact form: Read our latest article: Buy Bluetooth Transmitters Online - 24th November 2014

Buy Bluetooth Transmitters Online - 24th November 2014

Bluetooth has revolutionised the way that we connect, the way that we can listen to music, receive phone calls, exchange data, in fact Bluetooth has made wired technology virtually redundant and the future is most definitely wireless!

So if you are looking to buy the very best in Bluetooth technology such as transmitters, accessories, phone gadgets or anything else Bluetooth connected then you need to head over to the website of LAYEN.

LAYEN stands for ”Looking After Your Every Need” and that is precisely what the team at  LAYEN aim to do for those who wish to purchase Bluetooth and Audio Solutions as they are dedicated to bringing you their very best on the market at affordable competitive prices.

If you are looking to buy a Bluetooth transmitter online then of course LAYEN can help.  They have a superb Bluetooth transmitter - their very own LAYEN BST - Bluetooth transmitter which you can purchase simply and securely off website for only £19.99 a £5.00 saving on the recommended retail price of £24.99!  The LAYEN BST Bluetooth transmitter will allow you to enable the vast majority of devices that have an AUX connection to wirelessly stream music using Bluetooth technology.

To find out more visit the LAYEN website at:

Listen To Music On The Move With Bluetooth Wireless Beanie Hat– 10th November 2014

Do you like to listen to music whilst on your commute to work but also like to keep your head warm during the chilly winter months so would prefer not to wear headphones? If so then you need to visit the website of LAYEN where they have a great selection of funky Bluetooth wireless beanie hats in different styles for you to buy online at affordable prices. LAYEN are dedicated to bringing their valued customers all things Bluetooth and the team at LAYEN just love these Bluetooth beanie hats which come in different styles to suit your taste including trapper which is currently in stock, and soon to be available a thick ribbed beanie and the original beanie both available in black.

All of these Bluetooth beanie hats from LAYEN will not only keep your head and ears warm, but will enable you to listen to music directly from your mobile phone or any other device whilst keeping it safely in your pocket. What’s more you can also take incoming calls if listening via your mobile phone as all of these Bluetooth beanie hats have an in built a built-in microphone to keep you truly connected. Buying and using a Bluetooth beanie hat from LAYEN will put an end to having to untangle headphone wires and not only is this a great idea to break the boredom of the commute to work, but ideal for when you are taking part in sports activities such as jogging, horse riding, ski-ing or just walking the pooch!

To find out more about buying a Bluetooth beanie hat from LAYEN, visit their website or for any enquiries please contact the team by filling in the contact form:

Buy Bluetooth Accessories Online – 3rd November 2014

Are you a fan of the power of Bluetooth and are looking to buy high quality Bluetooth accessories easily and simply online from the comfort of your sofa? Well if so then you end to visit the website of LAYEN at: . The team at LAYEN are also passionate about Bluetooth and offer the very best selection of Bluetooth accessories and Audio Solutions including Bluetooth Music Receivers and Phone Gadgets.

LAYEN was founded on its love for music and started selling Bluetooth music receivers, designed to enable its customers to enjoy wireless music at home, on the move, in the car or on holiday – in fact practically anywhere that you can connect with Bluetooth

They are dedicated to providing excellent customer care and service and even offer their valued customers very useful tips for buyers that can be found in their LAYEN Bluetooth Guide.

When you buy Bluetooth accessories online from LAYEN not only are you buying the very highest quality products at great prices, but you can benefit from the LAYEN Reward Point Loyalty Scheme every time that you make a purchase from their online store. Your points are automatically added to your account and you can redeem these at any time – no form filling out or subscription process, LAYEN do this all for you right from your first purchase. You can also gain bonus points by signing up to their newsletter or liking LAYEN on Facebook!

To find out more visit the website of LAYEN or for any enquiries please contact the team by filling in the contact form:

How To Connect Non Bluetooth Speakers to iPhone - 13th October 2014

Do you love Bluetooth accessories? We hope so. Here at LAYEN we love Bluetooth accessories, which is why we’re so dedicated to bringing you the best Bluetooth and audio solutions out there and available today.

Are you looking to make your car, docking station or home stereo Bluetooth? If you are then many congratulations – you’ve come to the right place.

The Bluetooth music receiver is what the LAYEN brand is built around, and for those of you out there with iPhones, this clever little device is what you need in order to have full control over the music you play on your iPhone.

The Bluetooth music receiver is designed to stream music directly from your device into your ears, making it easy for you to listen to your favourite music.

Whether you’re looking for a wireless speaker or a Bluetooth transmitter, we’ve got everything and more for you here at LAYEN. To find out more how to connect Bluetooth speakers to your iPhone, why not pay us a visit?