Our Bluetooth adapters are very easy to use but by the very nature of Bluetooth technology - we know that setting up can sometimes be a little tricky. That said - Issues can almost always be resolved. 

Our Bluetooth adapters are pretty much designed for Bose docks so you won't get any compatibility issues (unless you have an original Bose Series 1 - in which case you will need the LAYEN BS-1 Bluetooth adapter). However, sometimes customers find that the dock isn't producing sound when their first pair up. 

If this has happened to you - don't worry!  There are a lot of different things you can try to resolve this. You may have already tried some of these, so please just take note of those that are relevant. 

1. Is it definitely paired? The receiver should show as connected in your Bluetooth devices list (Remember to hold down the pairing button whilst you are pairing).

2. If there is no sound it could be that your phone is also connected to a different device is trying to or playing from that instead  (such as Alexa, headphones or a Smart-watch). Please make sure you disconnect any other Bluetooth speakers or devices from your phones list and then try again. 

3. It could be that another Bluetooth device is also paired to the receiver which is preventing music from playing. (Turn all other Bluetooth devices off).

4. Try a Bluetooth reset and try the pairing process again: Forget all Bluetooth devices; turn Bluetooth off and then on again. Turn the dock and phone (or other device) off and then back on again. Now re-start the process. If you have any other Bluetooth devices that have been or are trying to connect to the receiver please turn off Bluetooth on these devices and delete them from your pairing list (“forget device”) as they could be causing initial confusion.

5. Check the following: that the volume on both your dock and phone/ tablet are turned up; the dock is plugged into the mains; try turning the volume on the phone down and up on the dock and vice versa.

6. Check that the 30 pin connection is cleaned and dust free - a small amount of dust may cause interference and prevent sound from being omitted through the receiver.

7. Presumably this issue is not replicated when an iPod is docked? (it does happen where the dock / stereo gives up, especially when quite old).

8. It's worth checking that the power supply socket in the dock has not come loose and has been connected the correct way up (therefore not causing an incomplete connection).

9. Have you by chance an Apple 30pin charger cable? If so, plug the receiver into this (with power) for a few seconds - then try again.

10. Please also make sure the receiver is firmly connected to the pins (press receiver down gently but make sure connection is sound).

11. Please try another music source (e.g. YouTube).

12. Finally, some customers have resolved sound issues by removing the back-plate and re-seating, before connecting the receiver securely back in place.

We imagine that one of the above would have helped resolve the issue for you. But if you are still having trouble - just contact us via the contact form for some help from the support team. We are always happy to help!