How can I Stream Music Wirelessly from my iPod Classic to my Bluetooth Speakers?

If you have a non-Bluetooth iPod and want to use it to stream music wirelessly to your Bluetooth speakers, dock or headphones - you will need a Bluetooth transmitter to do so. The Bluetooth transmitter will turn your iPod Bluetooth, allowing it to stream your music.
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Can I play music from my iPhone / Bluetooth device to two speakers/ Bluetooth receivers at the same time?

You can only connect your Bluetooth device (iPhone, Smartphone, Tablet etc) to one receiver at a time. This means that you can only stream music to one docking station or speaker at a time. It is not possible to stream music to two docks at the same time.
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Which Receiver do I need for my Dock / Docking Station / Stereo?

Please check the product listing on the website.  We have tested a large number of docking stations and list compatibility for both the i-SYNC and i-DOCK on each individual product page. Please note that this list is not a complete list. There are likely to be many more compatible docks for the receivers that we are not aware of - if your dock isn't listed, you are welcome to buy a receiver and test it out and return it if it isn't compatible.

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Which Bluetooth receiver for my Car?

Finding a 30 pin Bluetooth receiver to work with cars can be tricky, compatibility can be very hit and miss.  Generally speaking if you have a digital radio they won’t work as the car will be looking for a digital, not analogue, signal.  We would always recommend an AUX receiver for a car stereo. These are easily transferable between car and home stereos and will work on any stereo with an AUX output.
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Which Receiver do I need for my Bose Dock ?

Most Bose docking stations with the 30 pin connection (for older style iPhones e.g 3 & 4) will work with either the i-SYNC or the i-DOCK. The only Bose that isn’t compatible is the very original Bose Series 1 SoundDock.
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