What are you waiting for? Join the wireless revolution now....

Who needs wires anymore? The Bluetooth music receiver is a great little product brought to you by LAYEN. Place this receiver into any analogue docking station to turn it Bluetooth and start streaming your music wirelessly!

When Apple changed the charging point from 30pin to 8pin it left a lot of our customers with an expensive docking station that they can no longer use.   

It could also be the case that you are just simply fed up with getting up from your armchair to change tracks on your device.  Imagine just sitting on your sofa and controlling your music with your device still in your hand, or switching between friends’ music without having to keep docking phones.

This is where our Bluetooth Receivers come in! They fit the 30pin connection (or the AUX input) of your docking station and turn it Bluetooth. These great little gadgets will stream music directly from your new device. Simply plug and play!  

Our practical inexpensive products do just this. You don’t need to spend £100’s on an expensive airplay or Bluetooth docking station. Instead - give your dock an extra lease of life!!


Buyers Guide to LAYEN’s Bluetooth Receivers

1.  The LAYEN i-SYNC is our original leading music receiver. It is a premium receiver, boasting amazing credibility, sound quality and compatibility. This is where the LAYEN Bluetooth range started with lots of loyal customers still using this product today. It will work with most docks on the market but, like all Bluetooth receivers, there are some that it occasionally struggles with.

It works with all Bose docking stations, except the very first Bose SoundDock, the Series 1 (which we have designed a special receiver for - see BS-1) and for the Bose Wave III connect kit.

2.  The LAYEN i-DOCK 4.1 is our most premium music receiver, with fantastic sound quality, a higher version of Bluetooth, aptX and Multi-Pair function. The i-DOCK has virtually the same compatibility as the i-SYNC.

3.  The LAYEN BS-1 has been designed specifically to work on the first generation Bose Series 1. Most generic 30pin adapters on the market will not work with a Bose Series 1 as it runs of a different power current.

Non-Bose Docking Stations

If you've been looking for a Bluetooth solution for either a Sony or Phillips dock – you may have already encountered some connection problems. Whilst the i-SYNC or i-DOCK will work well with most Sony and Phillips docking stations, some models will unfortunately. If the dock uses a digital music signal - then a 30pin will not work (there is no fix) and you will need to make it Bluetooth via the AUX / 3.5mm headphone jack.

Please look at our compatibility list of docks on our i-DOCK and i-SYNC pages. Please note that we cannot test every single dock, so if your dock isn't listed, the only way to know if it is compatible is to try and buy - if you unfortunately find it is incompatible, you can return it for a full refund. A this point we would recommend an AUX Bluetooth receiver instead, which will still make your docking station Bluetooth, just connecting via the AUX port input instead of the 30pin.

Bowers and Wilkins and Bang & Olufsen: these two brands only use a digital signal - a 30pin will NOT work.  For these docks / stereo's you must make them Bluetooth via the AUX.

B&W Zeppelin: only the very first 2006 models will work - all others will need to be via the AUX.  Zeppelin Mini must be via the AUX.

For any other brands – we’d recommend giving the i-SYNC or i-DOCK a go and again, if there is a compatibility issue you can return for a no quibble refund at which point we would recommend an AUX.

Which Bluetooth Devices Can I Use?

You can use any Bluetooth enabled transmitting device with our music receivers. E.g. Smartphone, Tablet, MP3, Laptop, Mac, PC etc. As long as it has Bluetooth it will work.

A transmittng device ' sends '  the music to the receiver.

For example, using your iPhone: you are connected to our i-SYNC, which is on your Bose II dock - playing your Spotify part collection! : )

You can use to listen to Music, Podcasts, Audio Books - even YouTube through their docking stations. Not just for music.

So the above is pretty much the Bluetooth market wrapped up.

Conserve your energy and save yourself the trouble of getting up and down to change albums, join the wireless Bluetooth world.