There are currently no Bluetooth Receivers available on the market with an 8 pin or lightening connector adapter. This has been the situation since Apple first released the new 8 pin connection for their products and will be the case for the foreseeable future.

We do however have a solution to turn your docking station Bluetooth.  We recommend using any AUX Bluetooth Receiver for your 8 Pin docking station, e.g. Bose, Phillips, View Quest, Kitsound, Sony etc.

AUX receivers work in exactly the same way as the 30pin receivers; simply connect (via AUX) the receiver to your dock, stereo or speakers; pair to your Bluetooth device; then stream your music. The best thing with AUX receivers is that there are no compatibility issues so they can also be used for any other docking station, stereo or set of speakers that you own.

We have two premium AUX receivers that we would recommend for home use if 30pin receivers are incompatible with your docking station or stereo;

The Bluetooth Receiver Plug:

It’s the best alternative to a 30pin receiver and because it’s connected via the AUX it will work with ANY docking station or stereo overcoming all incompatibility issues. Because it is incorporated within a plug it also provides a permanent Bluetooth connection, unlike other AUX receivers which need to be re-charged via USB.  

The AudioStream:

This is our latest AUX receiver, boasting Bluetooth version 4.0 and AptX.  Unlike the plug it doesn’t connect via the mains, but instead does require charging. However, unlike other rechargeable receivers, the AudioStream can play and charge at the same time.

We have more receivers available - please see Bluetooth Accessories.

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