Bluetooth Adapter for Zeppelin Mini Air B&W Bowers & Wilkins
If you are ready to join the wireless revolution and are trying to find a way to give your B&W Zeppelin Dock a new lease of life - you have come to the right place!

Perhaps you have finally upgraded your phone and now can no longer use your rather expensive top of the range stereo, the same stereo that is still in awesome and in immaculate condition! Throw it away? Don’t even think about it!

Whether you have only just started your research or have already tried and tested
a couple of receivers - with no joy - you'll be pleased to know that LAYEN has a solution for you.

30pin Bluetooth Receivers are generally incompatible with the Zeppelin dock - even our 2 Market Leading Receivers; the LAYEN i-DOCK and LAYEN i-SYNC will not work with the Zeppelin, Zeppelin Air or Zeppelin Mini.
  We would therefore always recommend an AUX Bluetooth Receiver.  (Please note the i-DOCK works with early - 2007 - models).

We have recently launched a new product that has been developed as a solution for the Zeppelin docks - Our Bluetooth Receiver Plug. 

It works in the same was as 30 pin receivers, but connects via the AUX connection (3.5mm jack) rather than the 30pin connection. What makes this more ideal than other AUX receivers is that it is incorporated within a plug so can draw power from the mains and provide a permanent Bluetooth connection.

Other AUX receivers generally need to be removed and recharged, but if something more portable is what you are after just look at our range for other AUX options. Because these don't connect to the mains they can easily be switched between home and car stereos.

We have several available on the website

The best receiver for you comes down to personal preference. Any of these
will turn your B&O docking station Bluetooth and have you wirelessly streaming your music in seconds.


The LAYEN Team