If you're looking to make your car stereo Bluetooth and stream music via your smartphone without any cables, it is possible - but a 30 pin receiver will not be the solution for most car stereos. 

Finding a 30 pin Bluetooth receiver to work with cars can be tricky, compatibility can be very hit and miss.  Results can vary between different vehicle manufacturers.  We would therefore always recommend an AUX receiver for a car (more info below). 


As a rule of thumb, the 30 pin Bluetooth Receivers will only work with stereos and docks that accept analogue or analogue and digital. They will not work if your car stereo accepts digital only. 

If you're not sure we'd recommend searching Google for your serial / model number to find out if it's analogue or digital, or you can get in touch with your manufacturer.  If it's analogue we'd recommend purchasing one of our AUX Bluetooth Receivers (if you have an AUX input).

There are also often issues with car iPod connect kits, as many are MFI only (Made For iPhone/ iPod) meaning that they will not be compatible with non-MFI products on the market.  

Can I try it anyway...?

Yes! If you think that a 30pin receiver might be compatible or just want to try one out to see, we recommend testing the i-DOCK.  

If it doesn't work out we have a no-quibble return policy and can offer a refund or exchange (just keep the item in as new condition and carefully remove from packaging so as not to scratch the device).

At this point you know that you need an AUX receiver instead. Newer cars will have the AUX port either in the glove box, in the arm rest, on the face of the stereo, or in some models, the port will be at the back of the head unit. 

The receivers are very small, so if it is on the front of the unit, they are quite easy to position in place, if it’s at the back, you will need to remove the head unit, then pull the wire through the back and make a home in the glove box.

Best Solution for Cars ? 

We would always recommend an AUX receiver for a car stereo. These are easily transferable between car and home stereos and will work on any stereo with an AUX output.  We have several that are designed for cars:

The AudioStream:

This is our latest AUX receiver, boasting Bluetooth version 4.0 and AptX. Unlike the plug it doesn’t connect via the mains, but instead does require charging. However, unlike other rechargeable receivers, the AudioStream can play and charge at the same time.

Another is the Bluetooth Car AUX:

There are other AUX receivers available – all rechargeable and can therefore be easily transferred between car and home stereos. Please see here for our full range of Bluetooth Receivers

Important to know...

Bluetooth receivers are used to stream audio wirelessly to the car stereo, but they will not enable steering controls to function or offer hands free Bluetooth calls. 
  • All music will be control via the phone / iPod or whichever Bluetooth enabled device you are using as the music source. 
You will be able to use the volume controls on the steering wheel, but if you are skipping tracks etc this must be done on the device itself.   
  • Handsfree. The music will simply stop when a call is coming through and the Bluetooth hands free will take over for the call duration. Once the call has finished the music will continue to play.