Unfortunately the Zeppelin is generally not compatible with 30 pin receivers, we have two of the bestselling 30 pin receivers in the market and recent customer feedback suggests that it’s not compatible with either. We would therefore recommend an AUX.

We have recently launched a new product called the Bluetooth Plug and we have developed this product as a solution for the Zeppelin:  Our Bluetooth Receiver Plug. http://www.layen-uk.com/Chilli-Bluetooth-Receiver-Plug_p_83.html

It works in the same was as 30 pin receivers, but connects via AUX rather than the 30pin connection. What makes this more ideal than other AUX receivers is that it is incorporated within a plug so that it can draw power from the mains – thus providing a permanent Bluetooth connection, when connected to the dock via the AUX input.

Another option is the LAYEN AudioStream: http://www.layen-uk.com/AudioStream-Bluetooth-40-Receiver-_p_94.html

This is our latest AUX receiver, boasting Bluetooth version 4.0 and AptX.  Unlike the plug it doesn’t connect via the mains, but instead does require charging. However, unlike other rechargeable receivers, the AudioStream can play and charge at the same time.

We also have several other AUX receivers available for purchase; these can be easily transferred between car and home stereos. http://www.layen-uk.com/BLUETOOTH-ACCESSORIES_c_12.html

AUX receivers don't experience the same compatibility issues that 30 pin receivers do, so the decision of which to purchase will come down to personal perference.

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