Please check the product listing on the website.  We have tested a large number of docking stations and list compatibility for both the i-SYNC and i-DOCK on each individual product page. Please note that this list is not a complete list. Given the thousands of different docks in homes around the world, we rely on feedback from customers to help grow this list.

LAYEN i-DOCK         LAYEN i-SYNC          LAYEN BS-1

There are likely to be many more compatible docks that we are not aware of - we usually only hear back when a receiver doesn't work. Please don't forget to let us know how your chosen receiver works with your dock.

If your dock is not listed on the product description you can purchase a receiver to test it, if it's not compatible you can simply return it to us. We would recommend testing the i-DOCK as it has the highest compatibility rate.

If you would prefer not to test the receiver and just buy one that will definitely work - and you have an AUX Connection (3.5mm Audio Jack), any of our AUX receivers will work with your dock. AUX receivers do not have the same compatibility issues that 30pin receivers can experience.  

We have two premium AUX receivers that we would recommend for home use if a 30pin receiver is incompatible with your docking station or stereo;

The Bluetooth Receiver Plug:

It’s the best alternative to a 30pin receiver and because it’s connected via the AUX it will work with ANY docking station or stereo overcoming all incompatibility issues. Because it is incorporated within a plug it also provides a permanent Bluetooth connection, unlike other AUX receivers which need to be re-charged via USB.  

The AudioStream

This is our latest AUX receiver, boasting Bluetooth version 4.0 and AptX. Unlike the plug it doesn’t connect via the mains, but instead does require charging. However, unlike other rechargeable receivers, the AudioStream can play and charge at the same time.

We can accept returns if the 30pin receivers are incompatible so long as they are returned in re-saleable and undamaged condition (this includes the packaging). Please just return for a refund and purchase any AUX receiver separately.

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