Instructions: LAYEN i-DOCK Bluetooth Music Receiver

LAYEN i-DOCK Bluetooth Music Receiver

The LAYEN i-DOCK will turn your docking station, stereo or speakers Bluetooth allowing you to stream music from your Bluetooth enabled device, e.g. iPhone, Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop.

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Instructions - LAYEN MP3 Voice Recorder / Dictaphone

LAYEN MP3 Voice Recorder / Dictaphone

Your new MP3 acts as a Dictaphone and an MP3 player.   You can record and listen directly from the device itself or play your chosen music. 

You can also download and save or listen to your files on a computer.  Please follow the instructions below. 

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LAYEN BTR-S Instructions & Troubleshooting

The LAYEN BTR-S Bluetooth Audio Receiver / Transmitter is a vital asset for your audio set-up.  It provides a 2-in-1 solution for streamlining your music wirelessly, via Bluetooth.

You can either use it as a transmitter, to turn a non-Bluetooth device such as an old iPod, TV, laptop etc Bluetooth enabled.

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LAYEN i-SEND Instructions & Troubleshooting Guide

The LAYEN i-SEND Bluetooth transmitter is a 30 pin adapter that will turn your player Bluetooth, allowing you to pair it with Bluetooth devices (such as headphones and speakers) and stream your music wirelessly. 

 If you have an i-Send that you want to set up or you're having problems with yours, this post covers both instructions and troubleshooting.

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LAYEN BST - Bluetooth Transmitter Instructions & Troubleshooting

The LAYEN BTS is a Bluetooth Transmitter which will enable almost any device with an AUX connection to stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth. This could be through your iPod, PC, MP3 or older generation mobile phone - whichever it is, the BTS will allow your device to stream your music to your Bluetooth Speakers, Stereo, Headphones, Soundbar or TV.
This post provides simple instructions on how to use the BST as well as some guidance for troubleshooting in the unlikely even that you have issues setting it up.
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