How can I Stream Music Wirelessly from my iPod Classic to my Bluetooth Speakers?

If you have a non-Bluetooth iPod and want to use it to stream music wirelessly to your Bluetooth speakers, dock or headphones - you will need a Bluetooth transmitter to do so. The Bluetooth transmitter will turn your iPod Bluetooth, allowing it to stream your music.
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Bluetooth Receiver has stopped working

Because you were able to connect to the receiver and play music, it isn't a compatibility issue. It may require a Bluetooth re-set for all devices - if you have been connecting via different devices. Please see our Troubleshooting Guide for advice on how to do this.
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Sound Quality Issues: Hissing / Crackling / Interference / Intermittent

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your new i-DOCK / i-SYNC / BS-1.  Because you are able to connect to the receiver and play music, it does not sound like a compatibility issue. However, the sound should be crystal clear – as if an iPhone or iPod is docked directly into the docking station.

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Bluetooth Receiver won't work in my Car

Finding a 30 pin Bluetooth receiver to work with cars can be tricky; compatibility can be very hit and miss.  Generally speaking if you have a digital radio they won’t work as the car will be looking for a digital, not analogue, signal.
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Bluetooth Receiver won't power up

If your receiver will not power up, please check that power is running through the docking station.  The receiver does not have a built in battery and so relies on the dock as a power source.  If you have a portable docking station and are testing it using batteries, please try again connected the dock to the power instead. If you have a Bose docking station and the receiver will not power up, this suggests that you have purchased the wrong receiver for your dock.
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