I have purchased the wrong receiver for my Bose Dock

If you have purchased a receiver for your Bose dock, which doesn’t power up, it is the incorrect device for your dock. We have a very straight forward returns process, read here for more details.
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Bluetooth Troubleshooting Guide - Instructions & Advice For Setting Up Your Bluetooth Music Receiver

Bluetooth technology never ceases to amaze.  You can use it for so many different things these days, but it is not always the most straightforward of technologies and our customers occasionally need a bit of help getting set up. When it comes to Bluetooth music receivers there is unfortunately no one-fits-all solution, you might therefore find the receiver you have bought is not compatible with your dock or stereo. BUT... Before returning it to us, please follow the simple troubleshooting tips by clicking the product you have purchased below. 

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How do I return an item?

The LAYEN returns process is simple and hassle free. If your item is incompatible or you have changed your mind, you have up to 14 days to return it for a full refund.  Past this period we can offer an exchange within 28 days. In the unlikely event that your product appears defective or has developed a fault, please visit the Troubleshooting Page.  If the issue persists you will need to return your item to us for testing.
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How to use a Bluetooth Music Receiver. Instructions for the LAYEN i-SYNC, BS-1 & i-DOCK

The i-SYNC, i-DOCK and BS-1 are LAYEN's premium 30pin Bluetooth music receivers, which are used to make your docking station Bluetooth so that you can stream music from your phone, mp3 player or tablet wirelessly. These are products are exclusive LAYEN products and come complete with instructions on the back of the packaging. They are simple and quick to use. If you want to know how they work or have lost your instructions, please see below:
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Do I have a Bose Series 1? Which Receiver Do I Need?

If you have an old Bose Docking station and are trying to work out which Bluetooth receiver you need to buy please read this post before purchasing.  Even if you are sure you have a Bose Series 1 - there are different receivers that you may need - depending on whether you have the 1st Gen Bose 1 or 2nd Gen Bose 1. You'll find the answer here.

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