Which Bluetooth Audio Receiver for my 8 Pin Dock with Lightening Connection

Unfortunately, there are currently no Bluetooth Receivers available on the market with an 8 pin / lightening adapter fit. This has been the situation since Apple first released the new 8 pin connection for their products and will be the case for the foreseeable future. The technology is very difficult to replicate – hence the severe lack of products.  This affects anyone with a dock that connects to their iPhone 5 or 6. If this is you... fear not... as LAYEN has come to the rescue with premium products that will turn your 8pin Dock Bluetooth...

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I have purchased the wrong receiver for my Bose Dock

If you have purchased a receiver for your Bose dock, which doesn’t power up, it is the incorrect device for your dock. We have a very straight forward returns process, read here for more details.
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